Top 5 Programmable Thermostats

It can be extremely tough to control the temperature in various parts of your home. For example, your husband may like the living room a bit cooler as he watches TV — while your daughter likes the upstairs bedroom a bit warmer as she studies for exams. Pleasing everyone in the house used to be difficult. But these days, programmable thermostats are “smarter” than ever!  You can now easily control the climate in your home with the simple push of a button. And energy experts say modern-day thermostats can cut up to 20% of your heating or cooling bill.

Read on to see our top picks for programmable thermostats. Whichever you choose, you’ll be saving energy and certainly some money too!

Nest 2nd Generation

Nest Learning Thermostat
Nest is consistently rated as the top provider of energy solutions, and it’s 2nd Generation programmable thermostat certainly lives up to its name. The controls do more than just obey your commands. Built-in sensors react to light, temperature, movement and humidity. It is considered one of the smartest devices on the market today. The 2nd Generation will actually conform to your family’s lifestyle and will literally program itself after just one week!

Features include:

  • 20% slimmer design
  • Compatible with 95% of U.S. low-voltage residential systems
  • Stainless steel ring that mirrors your wall colour for chameleon effect
  • Override function for forced air systems, letting you have heating/cooling whenever you please
  • Heat Pump Balance decides when (or if) you need to use expensive auxiliary heat


Honeywell Prestige HD

Honeywell Prestige HD
Talk about a thermostat with the precision of a TV! The Honeywell Prestige HD features a high-definition full-color display that makes programming easy. No need for installation manuals because the device is pretty much self-explanatory and features are intuitive. Consumer experts say this is a great thermostat if you’re looking for a high-quality device, but don’t want to pay the money for Nest’s 2nd Generation.

Features include:

  • 8-inch, full-color display with simple touchscreen technology
  • Interview-based programming setup
  • 3 stages of heating, 2 stages of cooling
  • Dehumidification and ventilation sensors
  • 5-year warranty


Honeywell RTH8500D

Here’s another favourite from Honeywell. If you’re not looking to spend the money on Honeywell’s fancier Prestige HD, then the company’s RTH8500D model is the better option. Its ‘Smart Response Technology’ will make sure your home is toasty warm as you walk through the door after a long day’s work. Or that your home’s A/C is up and running after a sweaty jog during the hot, summer months. This model has simple, straight-forward functions. Great value for your money.

Features include:

  • ‘Smart Response Technology’
  • 7-day programming
  • Backlit display for easy viewing even when lights are turned off
  • ‘Vacation Hold’ feature, which automatically resumes the normal settings in time for your return
  • Filter change reminders


Hunter Max Touchscreen

If you’re investing in a programmable thermostat, wouldn’t you want to know exactly how much money you’re saving in monthly energy bills? The Hunter Max Touchscreen comes with an energy guide to show you those instant savings! This device is perfect for those who aren’t interested in fancy functions. It’s considered one of the easiest thermostats to install. Simply the best value for your hard-earned dollar.

Features include:

  • Energy guide for instant feedback on energy savings
  • 9.7-inch touchscreen
  • 7-day scheduling with 4 programs
  • Dual stages for heating and cooling
  • Filter change alerts
  • 1-year warranty


Trane XL800

Trane XL900
Consumers love the Trane XL800 for the simple reason that you don’t have to get up to program it. This feature is popularly known as ‘armchair programming’! Simply remove the interface from the wall and punch in your programs from wherever you happen to be. No more getting up from the cozy comforts of your couch to turn up the heat while watching a movie with the kids. The only fallback to this convenient little device is that it won’t work with multi-stage heating and cooling systems.

Features include:

  • Armchair programming
  • 7-day digital programmable thermostat
  • Interactive touchscreen
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Automatically switches to Daylight Savings Time

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