NYSERDA’s Business Partners Program Highlight: Chiodo Heating & Air Conditioning

Chiodo Heating & Air ConditioningThe New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is helping New York meet its energy goals by reducing energy consumption, by promoting the use of renewable energy sources, and by protecting the environment. This means energy-efficiency is key, and one of the ways NYSERDA helps improve energy efficiency is through its Business Partners program.

NYSERDA has a HVAC Partner program, with the goal of improving the energy-efficiency of New York’s HVAC equipment and maintenance services. Chiodo Heating & Air Conditioning, in central New York State, is one of NYSERDA’s HVAC Business Partners.

What are the benefits to Chiodo?

With the NYSERDA training, Chiodo is able to serve their customers better, creating satisfied customers who return to–and recommend–Chiodo. Chiodo’s business is expanding.

Under the NYSERDA Business Partners program, Chiodo technicians were trained to perform Quality Maintenance services according to the ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA national standards. They are also trained in the use of advanced diagnostic tools.

“We have gained the knowledge and tools to assist in performing Quality Maintenance as per national standards,” said Rob Young, the lead technician at Chiodo Heating & Air Conditioning.

Case study

The training has led to improved business opportunities. Chiodo have even given a second opinion to two facilities—Gold’s Gym and the Liverpool Animal Hospital–who noticed their HVAC equipment was not working properly, despite being recently serviced by other companies.

Chiodo performed a visual inspection, and also used advanced diagnostic tools. Lead technician Young found duct leakage, poor temperature split, overworked units, incorrect thermostat placing, and improper installation. All this cost the customers energy dollars, and gave them a bigger carbon footprint.

“We are able to provide our clients with the information to show that their systems were not working as designed, and how important it is to properly maintain the their HVAC equipment,” said Young.

Young was able to immediately solve the customer’s HVAC issues. He fixed and sealed the duct leakage, changed the belts and filters, cleaned the coils, and balanced the entire system. Young also adjusted the internal thermostats to improve ambient temperature readings.

What are the benefits to customers?

The primary benefit for customers is improved energy-efficiency. They were immediately able to control their businesses’ internal temperature more accurately. Customers of NYSERDA Business Partners know that their technicians are highly-trained, give exceptional service, and will help them get the absolute best out of their HVAC equipment.

Gold’s Gym and the Liverpool Animal Hospital both signed annual maintenance contracts with Chiodo.

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