New York State School District Saves Energy and Money with New York Energy $mart

Saving EnergyThe New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and New York Energy $mart has enabled Elmira City School District to renovate, saving energy, protecting the environment, and cutting its utility bills.

The project

Hendy Avenue School in the Elmira City School District was built in 1926. Both the school building and the gymnasium needed updating and enlarging. The school building was originally 32,400 square feet. This original building was renovated, and a new multi-use two-story addition of 46,700 square feet was constructed.

The project began with an energy feasibility study. NYSERDA uses Science Applications International Corporation as their technical consultant, working with the project team from Beardsley Design Associates.

Energy-efficient improvements

The design team found several areas for improvements, and recommended some economically feasible upgrades for the renovation and the new construction. These included the heating and lighting systems.

The project will install high efficiency HVAC systems, which use heat recovery techniques. They will further improve efficiency with variable volume main heating loop pumping.

Energy will be saved with premium efficiency motors with variable speed drives, so energy use can be reduced at times of low demand.

The lighting fixtures will be replaced with high efficiency fluorescent lighting and controls.

The results

The energy-efficient measures are expected to save energy and money. The District will use 154,727 kWh less energy every year. This includes 26.7 kWh during the peak summer demand and 25.5 kWh during the peak winter demand.

These energy reductions will reduce the school’s carbon footprint. The project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 68 tons.

These measures will save $21,662 from the school’s annual electricity bill.

New York Energy $mart

NYSERDA, which is a public benefit corporation, administers the program which funds New York Energy $mart. NYSERDA’s goals are to improve New York State’s energy efficiency, saving money and protecting the environment. By improving energy efficiency, energy costs will decrease.

The Elmira City School District applied for design and implementation assistance from NYSERDA. The New York Energy $mart New Construction Program awarded them $58,907 for the renovation and construction program.

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