New York Energy $mart Programs Provide Technical Assistance For Wastewater Treatment Plant

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is helping schools, businesses, and homes save money and protect the environment by becoming more energy-efficient.

NYSERDA administers a series of New York Energy $mart programs. These New York Energy $mart programs are helping the state of New York become more energy-efficient. Electricity customers will have lower bills.

New York Energy $mart Technical Assistance Program

New York Energy $mart programs can be used to evaluate businesses and industrial plants in order to increase energy efficiency. In addition to Technical Assistance, there is also a New York Energy $mart commercial and Industrial Performance Program. Recipients are given incentives to implement energy efficiency measures.

Inefficient Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment PlantOne example of the New York Energy $mart Technical Assistance Program is the Glens Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant, in Glens Falls, Warren County, New York State, was in need of an overhaul.

The Glens Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant was built in 1984 to treat the effluent from a major industrial plant. This industrial plant has now closed, leaving the Wastewater Treatment Plant operating at about 50% of its original capacity.

The Glens Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant treats the water for the City of Glens Falls and surrounding area. It provides both primary and secondary wastewater treatment for the City. The Plant also treats waste water delivered by licensed haulers from other municipalities and industries.

Can the treatment of this septage, leachate, and de-watered sludge be made more efficient?

Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades

NYSERDA provided half the cost of a study performed by North Country Engineering, P.C. The study evaluated ways to reduce aeration costs at the Glen Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant. Aeration is performed with diffusers.

The study found that over 40% of the Plant’s annual energy consumption was used by inefficient secondary aeration blowers. The Plant used three, 600 hp aeration diffusers.

The study recommended these old diffusers be replaced with high efficiency ceramic disc diffusers. This new technology is so efficient that the three 600 hp blowers could be replaced with one 200 hp blower. The new blower would operate for 90% of the Plant’s working period.

A second 200 hp blower would be on standby for most of the time. It would be used when the Plant had periods of higher flow, which is about 10% of the time.

Energy savings

These upgrades should save the City of Glens Falls more than 2 million kWh every year. And the energy savings are $168,000. Though the cost of upgrades was about $600,000, these savings plus the NYSERDA incentives means that the City will pay for its Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades in less than two years.

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