Industrial Lighting Solutions

Industrial Lighting Solutions Every business has two things in common: they need lighting and they’d like to save money. Luckily these two things can be achieved simply by consulting with a New York Energy Smart Commercial Lighting Program (CLP) Business Partner to find the Right Light solution for you.

Your business is unique and so are its lighting needs. A CLP Business Partner in your area can work with you to find ideal type, placement, and number of lights to improve the productivity and happiness of your employees as well as cutting energy costs considerably.

In this article we will explore some case studies for industrial businesses and take a look at their unique needs as well as how these challenges were overcome.

Project Profile:

  • Type of Spaces: Manufacturing, Repair, Distribution
  • Objective: Proper light levels with limited glare, improved color rendering, reduced electricity costs
  • Benefits: employees are more productive and make fewer errors, electricity bills significantly reduced

Case Study #1: Irving Tissue

Irving Tissue manufactures Scotties facial tissues at the Fort Edward facility. They were looking for ways to reduce energy cost at the site and invited Mitch Hall of ASKCO Electrical Supply Company, a CLP Business Partner Distributor in Glen Falls, to consult.

Together they determined that the high pressure sodium lighting system currently installed at the facility could be replace with something more effective and efficient. The key problem was the height of the warehouse ceiling: At 24 feet high, lights had to be very powerful to illuminate the floor effectively.

To meet their needs, Hall recommended three-lamp T-5HO linear fixtures that would not only yield enough light but provide it at a higher efficiency. These new lamps also feature good glare control and a more comfortable white light. For maximum cost efficiency, these can also be combined with occupancy sensors.

The Bottom Line:

At about 162 Watts per fixture, the new lighting system uses only 0.22 Watts per square foot, well under the average of 3.0 Watts per square foot for this kind of space. Irving Tissue was able to save over $17 000 a year in energy costs and with a material cost of only $0.20 per square foot, they saw a quick return on their investment.

Case Study #2: R.J. Valente Transport

When R.J. Valente Transport moved their vehicle workshop into an existing building in Albany, they quickly decided they needed to replace the lighting system. The T-12HO strip fixtures on the 16 foot ceiling were simply not provided enough light where they needed it.

The main challenges included getting enough light from the ceiling to where it was needed while minimizing glare and providing good color rendering. As hand-held task lighting would often be used around the cars, the new lighting solution needed to provide general lighting.

They found the Right Light solution for their needs included four-lamp, T-8 linear fluorescent high-bay fixtures due to the high ceiling. These lights are able to provide sufficient light with a limited number of lamps and also provide glare control and good color rendering. The new lighting system provides light where it is needed, on the sides of the cars, while still providing enough illumination on the floor to find dropped screws or tools.

The Bottom Line:

The combination of T-8 lamps with efficient lighting fixtures provides good energy-efficient solution that meets all of their special requirements. At about 0.37 Watts per square foot compared to the average of 2.5 Watts per square foot for this type of space, R.J Valente Transport was able to save over $5000 a year on electricity bills. With a low material cost, they saw a quick return on their investment.

Case Study #3: New York Distribution Center

This New York Distribution Center had a problem: bad lighting was leading to costly errors, increased breakage and losses of goods and flagging employee morale. The problem: most of the light was lost to the area above the fixed shelving making it difficult for employees to see the products. Errors such as shipping the wrong product to a customer was eating into the company’s finances and employee work satisfaction was dropping alarmingly.

Seeking to fix the problem at its source, they consulted with a CLP Business Partner to find the Right Light solution for their needs.

Switching to high-bay fixtures incorporating prismatic reflectors they were able to redirect the light to properly illuminate the shelves from top to bottom while minimizing glare. By providing minimal light up top, the new lighting solution avoided the cave effect and improved visual comfort. The 320 Watt pulse start metal halide coated lamps provide white light and improved color rendering making it easier for employees to recognize products and leading to fewer employee errors.

The Bottom Line:

Reducing their energy consumption from 3.0 Watts per square foot to around 0.38 Watts per square foot, this distribution centre was able to reduce their energy costs by more than $235 000 per year. With the low material costs of only $0.20 per square foot, they saw a quick return on their investment as well as improved employee morale and customer satisfaction!


These are just a few examples of the Right Light solution can help your business save money, protect against losses, and provide a safer and more comfortable atmosphere for your employees. An effective, energy-efficient lighting solution is possible for almost any industrial situation by combining proper technology with good design. Contact your local CLP Business Partner today to see how they can help you meet your energy saving needs!

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