Commercial Lighting Program Success Story: Verizon Office Building

Verizon Office BuildingStairway lighting is a unique challenge with many safety and security concerns as well as the usual efficiency concerns. Verizon’s Design and Construction Services Department was facing a number of complaints about safety and security in the four stairways used by employees in the building. As there were no windows to help, lighting conditions were poor. Seeing this as an opportunity to find a more efficient lighting solution as well, Verizon contacted Aery Lighting of Yonkers, a New York Energy Smart Commercial Light Program Business Partner Distributor.

Project Profile:

  • Type of Space: Stairway
  • Objective: Emergency lighting, safety and security, comfort of user, reduced energy usage
  • Benefits: reliable emergency lighting, good light levels for safety and security, limited glare, good color rendering, lower utility bills


Some of the inherent challenges in lighting a stairway effectively include:

  • Limited locations for fixture mounting
  • Sloped ceiling angles
  • Need to provide minimum light levels compared to other locations
  • Excessive glare due to the constantly changing line of sight of people ascending or descending
  • Proper light is needed on landings, stair treads, handrails, and walls requiring horizontal and vertical lighting

The Right Light Solution

Verizon’s new lighting system uses Lamar Lighting’s Occu-smart fixtures. These fixtures include two-lamp, four-foot T-8 fixtures with electronic ballasts which are 25% more energy-efficient than the original fixtures used. As these lights must always be on, the new fixtures have self-contained emergency packs that can power one lamp for 90 in the event of a power disruption. This is extremely important in emergency situations when a building evacuation is required.

The new lighting system is available with integrated ultrasonic motion sensors designed to provide safe, dependable illumination while conserving energy. Optional fixture controls include a system that completely shuts off lighting when the area is unoccupied. There is also a bi-level control system which instead dims the lights to 30%. In compliance with local safety regulations, Verizon chose the first option in order to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

System Benefits

Light levels meet code requirements and provide a safe and bright environment. As compensation for the lack of windows, light levels on the walls are higher to make it easy to see the handrails for safety. The low-glare fixtures reduce offending direct glare as people climb the stairs and the wrap-around lens incorporated into the fixtures provides light at high and low angels, allowing the light to penetrate deep into the staircase.

The Bottom Line:

The four stairways were effectively lit with 64 energy efficient fixtures at only 0.7Watts per square foot, more than 10% below the lighting power allowance of the Energy Construction Conservation Code of New York State. If staircase occupancy time is 5% or less, Verizon could save over $4000 with just this simple change. The material cost of about $5 per square foot make this an energy-efficient solution that meets all of Verizon’s safety and security concerns without breaking the bank. This system also meets the CLP criteria for proper light levels, visual comfort, uniformity, and good color rendering resulting in the Right Light solution for this space.

Technical Specs:

The new lighting system installed for Verizon includes:

  • Low-glare, 2-lamp 4 foot T-8 fixtures with integral emergency lights and occupancy sensors
  • Good color rendering linear fluorescent lamps
  • An estimated 43 169 kilowatt hours saved compared to the old system.

For more information on the Right Light solution for your business, contact a CLP Business Partner today! Also, look for more info here.

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